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Susie’s Red Chile

So chile.  No, not the country, but the food that rules New Mexico.  As I’ve mentioned before, the state question is “Red or Green?” and you had best have answer.  “Both,” or “Christmas,” (get it??  Red and green…) is also acceptable, but “neither” will make those around you suspect you of being a terrorist…I mean a tourist.  Chile is different from restaurant to restaurant and household to household.  Green chile tends to be bright, and sometimes a little tangy, while the red has a deeper and earthier flavor.  They are both hot, and you never know which one is going to be hotter until you try!  I love them both!

We were at a birthday party a few weekends ago for Gemma’s friend Astrid who turned 2, and there was a “Make Your Own Frito Pie Bar”.  Best. Party. Ever.  The best part was that Astrid’s mom, my friend Susie, had made a FANTASTIC (vegetarian) red chile with which to smother the Fritos and beans!  Jake and I could not get enough, and I knew that I was going to have to try my hand at this.  Susie sent me the recipe, and I made it for lunch yesterday.  Here it is…

Susie’s Red Chile

from my friend Susie!!


*1/2 cup red chile powder (below is what I bought, but there are many different kinds)

Red chile powder

*3 tbsp butter

*3 tbsp flour

*2 garlic cloves

*2.5 cups water

*Salt to taste

To Make:

*Melt butter in pan or deep skillet over medium heat

*Incorporate flour and let the roux cook for a few minutes, whisking occasionally

*add garlic w/a garlic press or grater

*Add red chile, whisk it together w/roux, and let it cook in pan for a few minutes, whisking occasionally

*Add water while whisking until lumps disappear.

*Add salt to taste and let it simmer on stove top for 15 minutes or so.

*If it thickens too much add a little water to get your desired consistency.

Survey Says:

I now want to put this on EVERYTHING!!  We had sort of a taco salad with romaine, black beans, cheese, chips, and sour cream for lunch.  This was the perfect accompaniment!  As were my fingers as I was licking the chile out of the pot that I cooked it in!  We still have some in the fridge…I think I’m going to go stick my fingers in it right now!!

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