Market Day

Eggplant (the likes of which I have only ever seen in Venice until today) and purple heirloom beans.



3 responses to this post.

  1. We have similar eggplants here, some have the same shape and color, some are completely purple. Of course we have the ‘normal’ ones as well. I love the round ones for stuffing, it actually works.

    Maybe you want to check out my Wholemeal Eggplant Honey Bread:


  2. That bread looks SOOOOOO good!! I’m going to try halving these and roasting them in the oven and then putting pesto on them. It’s a recipe that I translated from a French vegetarian cookbook that my friend’s mom sent me!



    I think you need to move here and open a restaurant where you use things that we grow on the farm. And I can be a sloth and eat it all.

    PS – I’ll grow you whatever you want. Because I’m pretty sure I would die happy eating it.

    PPS – My cousin and I are actually talking about (in the future) making a seasonal restaurant where we use all local ingredients, most from the farm… :O


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