A Wistful Wednesday…

I wish that Spring were already here.  The ABQ is currently smack in the middle of its yearly pre-Spring fakeout where it gets (and stays) sunny and warm sometime in February and lasts until sometime in March.  It is gorgeous outside.  We just went out to lunch and sat outside, and Gemma and I walked around the Botanical Gardens yesterday.  It is beautiful here!  Jake and I, however, made the ultimate mistake our very first year in this house of planting a garden and pots of flowers during this time.  Big. Freaking. Mistake. What we had apparently forgotten about this beautiful city of ours is that the winds tend to pick up in the middle of March, and this leads to destroyed and dead plants.  When I say “winds” I mean 40-50 mile an hour sustained winds…not gusts.  There also tend to be big dips in the temperature…have I mentioned that we actually had snow here on the first day of Spring last year?

The current state of our backyard is pretty sad.  This makes ME sad because I would really like to go sit on the back porch with a beer right now and hang out, but the lawn is brown and there are leaves EVERYWHERE.  Our raised garden beds have been reduced to this shameful mess

We won’t even bother cleaning them up until the beginning/middle of April because the wind will just keep dragging stuff into them.  But when the weather calms, and there is no more danger of freezing…these boxes will feed my family and friends and I can’t wait!  Zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, herbs…I can’t wait!  My question to all of you is:  What else should I plant????


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