White Pizza

As parents of an almost 18 month old (yep…she’ll be 18 months on the 5th…I cannot believe it) Jake and I don’t go out too often.  He often works 65-80 hour weeks so when the weekend rolls around we just like to hang out at home…just the three of us.  When we do, however, work up the energy to put on clothes, make ourselves presentable, and arrange an appropriate babysitter, there is only one place on our minds…Farina.  You can never go wrong with great pizza and great wine, but the pizza at Farina is to die for.  It’s the closest to authentic Italian pizza that I have ever tasted in the states.  OK…now I’m drooling…anyways…the point is that Jake and I don’t get out often and I crave that pizza all. the. time!  So dear readers, I decided (after seeing another blogger make it look super duper easy) to do my best to recreate the magic of Farina in my own uninspiring kitchen!

I started with a lump of premade whole wheat dough from Trader Joe’s (I’m pretty sure I’m going to attempt to make my own in the next few weeks…), good olive oil, quite a bit of garlic, some part-skim ricotta cheese, and some shredded mozzarella.  I dealt with the dough as per the instructions on the bag, stretched it out onto my floured pizza board, poured about 3 tbsp or so (just eyeball it) of olive oil on the crust, grated (with the microplane zester) 9-10 medium garlic cloves onto the oil and spread it all around.  Then I dolloped spoonfuls of the ricotta on top of all of this and covered it all with mozzarella and sprinkled some red pepper flakes on top to make it look festive.  Super technical…I know!  Here’s the before photo:

I then put the pizza onto my pizza stone that had been heating up in a 450 degree oven.  I let it bake for 10 minutes and…

Pizza magic!!!  It was great!  I probably need to let it bake a little bit longer because Jake and I like our crusts pretty thin and crispy, but that’s about it!  This is not to say that I will not keep craving Farina, but I at least have the power now to quell that craving without putting on makeup and finding a babysitter!



4 responses to this post.

  1. So glad that you liked it!! White Pizza is one of my favorites (its a tie between that and the Margherita pizza!)!!


  2. 🙂 Pup–your post was the push that I needed to overcome my pizza fear!


  3. Love using TJ’s pizza dough to save time. I found that if you pre-bake it (about 10 min) before adding toppings it helps with the crispiness…but I also had trouble getting it quite as thin as I wanted.


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