“Meatless Monday”…because it’s less awkward than “Topless Tuesday”!

**Topless Tuesday was suggested by Jake…if you would like to participate, most of you know how to find him! :-)**

Back to the subject at hand…I’ve noticed lately that there’s this trend among bloggers and food writers to provide a vegetarian recipe on what they call “Meatless Monday”.  All of my days (Mondays included) are meatless, but yours may not be.  I have been a vegetarian for so long (and have forced my very patient and loving husband into submission when he is at home) that it’s a bit of a mystery to me how meatless meals could be so rare in some households.  Would any of you be willing (vegetarians included) to participate in a “Meatless Monday” each (or almost each) week and comment on the blog and/or post (and perhaps link) Facebook photos so that we may all gather inspiration from one another??  As all of my Mondays are already meatless, I will do my best, as your intrepid leader 😉 to venture out of my comfort zone on Mondays!

So my questions to you are these:  (assuming that you want to participate at least once in a while) What are your motivations for considering “implementing” a “Meatless Monday” in your household?  Do you foresee members of your household taking issue with it and why?

I hope that you all had a great holiday season and that the New Year is treating you well so far!



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Betsy on January 22, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    I am looking forward to trying your Meatless Monday recipes! I don’t think there will be backlash to a once weekly meatless dinner at my house. I’m curious to see if my hubby will even notice if I start fixing a meatless dinner on a weekly basis. I think we will both just be excited to try new stuff. Also, meatless is sometimes less expensive, right? Win-win!


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