The State of the Household…(aka: I can’t think of a better title when there is no new recipe!)

Nothing new is cooking in the Cottrell household tonight…Tofu with Soy Peanut Sauce (we have a brick of tofu that needs to be used :-)) and our standby of quinoa.  This does not mean (obviously) that the house does not smell divine at this moment!  I wanted to let all of my loyal 😉 readers know that new recipes will be in the works and posted as Christmas approaches!  I have plans for two of my very favorite (and calorie-laden…which is why I haven’t made them recently) tried-and-true recipes and a brand new venture in the next week so be on the lookout!  Thanks to you who are reading for keeping me inspired to cook at home and not resort to calling one of the many (no really…they know both me and Jake very well at these establishments and ask about the baby!) restaurants I have in my speed-dial for take-out.  My waistline thanks you too!


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  1. Posted by Betsy on December 20, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Stephanie, I must tell you that your recipes inspired me to buy a brick of tofu for the FIRST time in my life last week. I didn’t actually get my act together enough to make one of your delicious recipes, but I did buy tofu. You have no idea how big a step this is for me! I am a woman who dressed her baby up as a hot dog for Halloween! Anyway, the baby loved the tofu – just plain. Imagine how excited she will be when I try some of your recipes and the tofu actually has flavor. The baby and I thank you…


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