Minestrone in the Slow Cooker

I love soup, but I hate soup recipes that call for a ton of different ingredients and try to make you feel like your soup is going to be all wrong if you don’t have each and every one.  Well guess what?  That is certainly not the case with most soups, but is most definitely not the case with the elusive Minestrone!  There is no “set” recipe to follow to create an “authentic” Minestrone so the creation that follows is simply a (delicious) mishmash of ideas that I found floating around in cookbooks and online and I have put them together to create a relatively easy and GOOD soup!  I meant to add a red potato (because what can’t be improved upon by adding a potato??) but totally forgot because I was trying to get this put together so I could go to the gym before Jake changed his mind!  Next time I will remember!  Feel free to use this as a starting point for your own Minestrone creation and let me know what you did and how it turned out!!


*2 tbsp olive oil   *garlic, minced finely (I used 4 large cloves) *1 can cannellini beans

*1 large can ground tomatoes

*2 medium zucchini

*1 medium yellow squash (there are two in the pic but I decided to only use one)

*1 box vegetable broth

*3/4 cup red wine

*2 oz (by weight) small pasta



To make:

*Turn cooker on low and add olive oil and garlic.

*Add beans and stir in with olive oil and garlic

*Add tomatoes and mix thoroughly.  Add any seasoning here (I did salt, pepper, and a bit of “Italian Seasoning”)

*Add red wine (and let me tell you…there is NOTHING like the smell of red wine hitting warming tomato!)

*Add broth and stir thoroughly.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours  (I did 3 1/2 hours on low and 2 1/2 on high)

*Add pasta 10-15 minutes before serving

Here is Jake's serving topped with a fair amount of parmesan!Survey says:  YUM! I was a little hesitant as I dove into it, but it turned out to be (as Jake said) very flavorful!  The veggies add such a different dimension from the Pasta e Fagioli of the other day, and I cannot wait to experiment with different combinations.  It makes a lot of soup, so I’m pretty sure that this is what we are having for lunch tomorrow and the next day (and the day after that)!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Betsy on February 21, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Recently tried your minestrone recipe… Loved it!! Thanks!


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