About me and what I’m attempting here!

My name is Stephanie and I’m not even sure that I’m qualified to be attempting to write a blog about cooking.  I love to eat out and I love to eat things that are not necessarily that healthy!  I am, however, a vegetarian and I love to play around with my slow cooker.  I have noticed that there are precious few healthy and/or appetizing vegetarian recipes for those of the slow cooker persuasion.  I am looking to change that!

Armed with my trusty 4qt Corningware slow cooker

and whatever I can find at Trader Joe’s (among other local grocery establishments) I will do my best to put a meatless, healthy and appetizing spin on comfort food!  I won’t always be using the slow cooker, but the recipes will still be easy.  I look forward to your comments  and let me know what successes and issues you have with my creations!


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  1. […] cooker is the size of your device.  I have a 4 quart Corningware casserole style machine as seen here.  The key is to neither over nor underload your cooker.  The quantities that I have given work […]


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